Protect Against Cold and Flu with Preventative Action

Cold & Flu Season is Back 

Fall is here, and that means pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving events. Unfortunately, in addition to the beautiful weather, fall is also cold & flu season.  

Cold and flu season has started and now more than ever, it is critical to have the correct solutions to prevent the spread of viruses. Prevent and combat the spread of these common viruses throughout your facilities with a few products and tools to sanitize and disinfect. 

Remember, cleaners are not always germ killers. They remove dirt, dust, stains, and grease from a surface. If you are looking to kill germs, you will need a disinfectant and/or sanitizer. Sanitizing reduces the bacteria on a surface (specific bacteria listed on the product) while disinfecting destroys both bacteria and viruses on hard nonporous surfaces. 

Improve Workplace Health & Stop the Spread of the Flu 

  • Encourage your employees to get their flu vaccine 
  • Develop policies that encourage employees to telework so that they can care of themselves and their families 
  • Provide resources and information on risk factors of the flu and who might be at high risk for flu complications 
  • Provide products and resources that promote preventive action against the flu 

WOW Items for Preventative Action 

One of the best ways to improve workplace health is to provide products that promote preventative action against the flu and other bacteria and viruses for those employees that are in the office. Looking to help those at home as well? A few of these items can be sent in an employee care package as well! 

Electrostatic Sprayers 

 The traditional spray & wipe method is not the most efficient disinfecting method when it comes to larger spaces, oddly shaped surfaces, or hard to reach areas. Studies have shown that the electrostatic disinfecting process is quick and highly efficient due to the full, even coverage it offers. The positively charged disinfectant allows it to stick to the surface you want disinfected, wasting less product. 

The Victory Electrostatic sprayer comes in a handheld and backpack option. Our favorite product to refill them with is Diversey Oxivir TB One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner

If you are looking to buy a locally made option, we are loving these backpack and handheld sprayers by EI Solutions: 

Disinfecting Wipes 

Disinfecting wipes are something you should always have in stock at your facilities. Both Lysol and Clorox manufacture wipes that are effective in both cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. 

Hand Sanitizer 

From hand sanitizer dispensers and stations to individual kits, there are many sanitizing options to choose from to fit your office needs. 

Sanitizer Dispensers and Refills 

Sanitizer Gels and Sprays 

 Additional Cold & Flu Support 

Looking for some additional support during the cold and flu season? Don’t forget to stock up on facial tissues, humidifiers and cold & flu medications. 

Be prepared and prevent infection and outbreaks in your office.  

Contact Sundance at or 918-252-4100 to set up an account and/or get more guidance on the best products for your office! 

Corporate Gifts – Ideas and Inspiration

Giving Gifts to Employees

Custom branded gifts leave a lasting impression with your valued clients, as well as your employees, and provide a positive image of your organization. Corporate gifts that are useful and practical are always the most well received. Anytime the recipient uses their gift, they will feel valued.  

Add some WOW to your corporate gifting with these thoughtful ideas: 

Candy Gifts

You can never go wrong with candy. It is simple, yet delicious. An added bonus is that dessert gifts can be shared easily, so it’s perfect as a group gift to a customer. Say thank you in a memorable and tasty way! 

Travel Gifts

Travel accessories are great gifts for clients, as well as your traveling sales team. In addition to promoting your brand to the recipient, these items are seen by many while out on the road or in the air. Perfect for the traveling executive to stay organized and comfortable while on the go! 

Beverage Gifts

From water to coffee to wine, there is a beverage for everyone. Customized drinkware is a useful gift that can be used all-year long.  

Technology Gifts

Technology gifts are great for everyone! From speakers to chargers, technology gifts are useful for both work and play. Give a gift that the recipient can use every day, and your company will always be top of mind. 

Candle & Diffuser Gifts

Give the gift of relaxation. Candles and diffusers can bring a sense of calm to an work environment regardless if it is in person or at home. 

Don’t forget to provide that extra detail of customization and include a personal, handwritten note with the gift. A handwritten note on company stationary or a custom holiday or greeting card will have a greater impact than sending out a generic card to everyone. It shows that both time and effort were put into the gift. 

Need more ideas to add WOW to your gifting? Give us a call at 918-252-4100 or 405-285-0906 or email us at Our team loves customizing gifts that leave a lasting impression.