The Local Advantage: Bring the WOW Back to Your Community

Shopping local not only supports your community, but it also helps keep your community thriving and ensures you’re getting the highest-quality products at the best costs available. Shopping locally also keeps your dollars in the local economy where they can be reinvested in the community rather than being shipped off to corporate headquarters or even taken out of the United States as profits to be reinvested elsewhere.

Shopping locally here in Oklahoma helps keep our dollars in our local economy, improving our infrastructure and our schools. You can shop online at a local company like Sundance Office, walk into a local shop on Black Wall Street, go out to eat in The Paseo District, or visit any other local community or company. When you do the same in your local communities, you are contributing to the success of that community.

Here are a few of the direct ways that shopping locally helps communities prosper and improves your engagement and profitability.

Build Stronger Communities

When you buy from local businesses, you are strengthening your community and investing in your town’s growth. In fact, more than 50% of profits are recirculated back into the community when you shop locally. Not only that but you know that the sales team, delivery drivers, managers, etc., live nearby and have a vested interest in your town because they work there, too. Your delivery driver could even be your child’s Little League coach! We love knowing our team is friends and neighbors with everyone we meet, making it easy to build relationships with our customers and that builds a better, stronger community overall.

Create More Jobs

Local businesses create more jobs in the local economy than large chains, keep the community engaged, and allow for more entry level jobs for new employees. You help create jobs and keep both money and families in the local economy. The ripple effect that one small business has on a community is astounding. When you buy from a local store, you are not only supporting that business, but also the other local businesses in the area that benefit from its success. You create a sense of community and increase your involvement in it. You help to keep families together in the neighborhood, provide quality options for good and services, and strengthen relationships with those who are near and dear to you. Quality job opportunities create a booming economy which brings about great school systems and overall improved local infrastructure.

Improve Community Success

Shopping local allows you to give back to the community that helped make you successful in the first place. Plus, as stated above, shopping locally can be an enjoyable and engaging experience, allowing you to connect with your fellow neighbors. When we shop at a store in our own neighborhood, we are also supporting the stores in other neighborhoods too- since most of our dollars stay within the city limits, improving overall community success. For all these reasons and more, shopping locally can make your life better and help bring prosperity back to the communities where you live.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

When you buy locally, you help reduce your overall carbon footprint simply because your delivery drivers don’t have to drive far distances, wasting precious and expensive gas. And because those businesses are buying their products from other local purveyors who also reduce their carbon footprint, it’s a trickle-down effect. If we want to sustain our communities and our environment as a whole, we need to invest in them now. The tradeoffs of shopping locally and the impact it has on the environment and the community can’t be overstated.

Find High-Quality, Low-Cost Products

When you work with a local purveyor or producer, you are building a relationship. And relationships can lead to deals. You want to work with your local workplace solutions dealer, and they want to work with you. They are able to provide you with lower costs on the same high-quality products that you deserve. With increased profits for both you and them, it’s easy to see why businesses prefer to buy locally. The next time you’re thinking about buying something, think about what kind of deal is waiting for you just down the street.

Find Your Community in Oklahoma

Here are some other areas to visit in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, especially going into the Holiday season:

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The Dog Ate My School Supplies

School has been back in session for some time now. In that time, you might have missed a few items from our school supplies checklist or have run through your backstock of trash can liners. Whatever you need, Sundance Office has what you need to replenish your supplies or buy enough to get you through to the end of the year.

Keep It Clean

Without a doubt, cleaning and facility supplies are a necessity in schools. From keeping the whiteboards clean to mopping the floors or wiping down desks to eliminating odors, ensuring that you have the proper products for cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing will keep your students, staff, and visitors healthy. With the winter often comes cold and flu season. Staving off sickness means fewer absences, more consistent schedules, and better prepared students.

What You May Need

  • Electrostatic Sprayers
  • Mop Heads
  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer & Dispensers
  • Tissues

Teacher, Here’s an Apple

Teachers work hard; there’s no denying that. The time spent in school teaching, the time spent grading projects and papers, the time spent creating lesson plans, the time spent corresponding with parents and guardians; that doesn’t leave a lot of time for rest. Creating a space where teachers can grab a snack, a great cup of coffee, or somewhere they can work without distraction. Ensuring you have the right products for your breakroom can improve someone’s day immensely.

What You May Need

  • Coffee
  • Snacks
  • Microwave
  • Hot Plate
  • Bottled Water

Back to Basics

We run through things quickly, but we also tend to take for granted certain supplies that we always think we have enough of, but rarely do. Purchasing things in bulk will ensure that you rarely run out of them. Think of the holidays coming up: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, New Year’s, etc. These all come with decorations. Do you have enough tape? Enough push pins? Enough extension cords? We’ve got you covered.

What You May Need

  • Extension Cords
  • Pens, Pencils, Highlighters
  • Crayons and Markers
  • Tape and Glue
  • Push Pins

Winter Is Coming

Winter is right around the corner and winter means snow, ice, and freezing rain. Make sure you’ve got what you need to keep students, teachers, visitors, drivers, etc., safe. Remember to get the right kind of ice melt, proper facility matting, proper signage, air purifiers, and more to keep everyone safe, warm, and healthy. Ensure your crossing guards are staying warm, are wearing their high-visibility clothing, and have weather-appropriate clothing.

What You May Need

  • Facility Matting
  • Ice Melt
  • Air Purifiers
  • Batteries
  • Wet Floor Signage

The Doctor Is In

School nurses can often run through certain supplies faster than others. Students come in with cuts, bruises, aches, and fevers. They can run through bandages, heat and ice packs, parent-approved medicine, and more rather quickly. By keeping your medical staff well prepared, you are ensuring the safety and wellness of not only your students, but also your staff and visitors.

What You May Need

  • Bandages
  • Face Shields
  • Ice and Heat Packs
  • Medicine
  • Latex or Other Gloves