Order Corporate Christmas Cards For Your Clients

Don’t Delay Ordering Your Christmas Cards 

It may only be fall, but don’t delay getting your Christmas cards ordered. Christmas cards show a sense of personalization and allow you to say “thank you” to your customers. Ordering your cards now will help avoid delays or paying for expedited shipping. Ordering early takes stress out of the season—your cards are ready to go when you are ready to send them! 

Get some inspiration below or head straight to our Christmas Card site to get started. Order your custom holiday cards early and receive a 20% discount at checkout! (Minimum order 25; see ordering instructions below)

Holiday Cards

Happy Holidays card
New Year Card
Thank you card

Christmas Cards

Christmas card
Merry Christmas card
Holiday card

Currency Envelopes

Holiday envelope
Christmas envelope

Photo Cards

Photo card
Photo card
Christmas Photo card

Holiday Party

Party invite
Holiday Party invite
Holiday party card

Order Your Cards Online with Sundance Today! 

  1. Go to our Christmas card website, which is linked at the bottom of this blog. 
  2. Select your card and quantity. 
  3. Personalize your card with custom text, colors, and photos, where applicable. 
  4. Customize envelopes with your return address, fast stick closures, and more. 
  5. Fill out the billing and shipping information. Registration on the site is not required to place an order, but billing and shipping information is required for verification purposes. 
  6. Select shipping method. All orders will ship via UPS. 
  7. Payment Method will default to “In Store Payment”. We will use your standard payment method associated with your sundanceoffice.com account. 
  8. Your order will be shown and the 20% discount will be applied at this stage. If the order looks correct, submit the order. 
  9. We will call and email you to confirm order, billing, and shipping details. 
  10. Once order ships you will receive tracking information. 

Workplace Trends: Touchdown Spaces

The New Work Trend: Touchdown Spaces 

In today’s workplace, touchdown spaces are the new trend. If employees are coming into the office, they expect to get something out of it, so the office must be both comfortable and productive. However, what this means can vary by employee. Some employees may need a space to collaborate with their team, while others may need a calm place to focus solely on their work. Depending on the nature of their work, a lounge could bring comfort to one employee while another may need the privacy that a workstation or cubicle could provide.

Two women sitting, working on their computers

What is a Touchdown Space?

A touchdown space can be a private room, lounge space, conference room or collaborative area. The main goal of a this space is that the employee can use it to easily work from their laptop away from an assigned desk. A touchdown space allows employees to quickly respond to emails or make a call in-between meetings or other tasks. With an on-the-go workforce, traditional assigned spaces are being replaced by more touchdown spaces that are activity-oriented and results-driven.  

How To Create Productive Spaces

As an employer, you want your employees to be efficient and perform their best. As you think through your office furniture and space, think of ways to incorporate touchdown spaces into your design:   

Computer with a phone charging on top of it.

Waiting Areas

Waiting typically wastes time, but it doesn’t have to with touchdown spaces. Make it more than just a set of seats by integrating power plugins to recharge devices, as well as tables or desks guests and employees can use to easily work on their computers.   

Dedicated Touchdown Space Outside of Conference Rooms

Waiting for a meeting space also can waste time, especially when meetings go on longer than expected. Give your employees the opportunity to be productive while they wait by outfitting the areas near conference rooms with touchdown spaces. 

Two employees sitting down, working together.

Private Rooms or Booths 

Sometimes, employees need more privacy. Consider creating areas for small confidential meetings or personal phone calls. Furniture and chairs that easily fit all shapes and sizes allow for quick use of space without major adjustments. 

Modular and Flexible Furniture  

Flexible options that allow for easy collaboration are key. Furniture that can be easily moved around a space allows colleagues to work together effectively, no matter what tasks they are looking to accomplish. 

Interested in Touchdown Spaces for your Oklahoma office? Contact Sundance at sosupply@sundanceoffice.com or 918-252-4100 and let our team provide a free consultation!