Community Spotlight: Oklahoma Today – Find Your Way

Did you know Oklahoma has an official state magazine? Oklahoma Today has been showcasing and exploring everything the Sooner State has to offer since 1956 – from travel destinations, restaurants, events, unique experiences, and natural beauty… Oklahoma Today’s got you covered! With just a dash of humor, this magazine will show you what our lovely state has to offer.

A Guide to Travel

Whether you’ve been here your whole life or are just popping in for a visit, there’s something to explore! With an online weekly events calendar, Oklahoma Today spotlights the current comings and goings across all corners of the state. Check out the magazine itself for the “On the Map” section, which showcases travel destinations alongside upcoming exhibits and places of interest. Oklahoma has a vast culture, never miss a beat again!

Oklahoma’s Culinary Scene

Looking for something new to try? Whether you’re searching for the best of fine dining or wanting to try small town favorites, Oklahoma Today is on the hunt with you! Authors travel throughout the state to review both well-known spots and bring a spotlight to smaller restaurants that deserve some time to shine.

Deep Dive

Aside from the blogposts and shorter articles detailing the aforementioned topics, Oklahoma Today also publishes long-form features. This allows the magazine to cover information in more detail and is great for when you have the extra time! Check out the articles for a quick look at what’s happening in Oklahoma and to find places you’re interested in visiting – but settle in with the long-form section to really learn about these locations! These featured articles will help you gain an extra level of understanding before you head out.

Not a Reader? Not a Problem

There’s also a podcast! Now, you can listen to current events and recommendations during your commute, chores, or just whenever you can lend an ear! These weekly audio installments are about half an hour long, with a wide range of subjects. Listen for free now on your podcast app of choice.

Get Ready to Explore Oklahoma’s Vast Culture

Whether you’re interested in art, food, or natural beauty – there’s something for you to love. Oklahoma Today achieves its mission to “showcase the best of what Oklahoma has to offer” through breathtaking photography, humorous but informative articles, and engaging stories that bring Oklahoma’s history, culture, and people to life. Find your next adventure today!

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