Office Supplies to Declutter Your Workspace

Just cleaned your desk at the start of the year, but it’s already messy again? Fret not, Sundance has the office supplies you need for some good old-fashioned spring cleaning! Whether you’re trying to declutter and organize an entire building or just one cubicle, we’ll help you get the job done.

Start Big

Don’t focus on one drawer at a time, start big! Throw out everything you don’t need. Once you have an idea of how much is left, you can plan how to store it with a system to maintain organization.

Utilize storage cabinets to organize the items you need to keep, but don’t need to use every day. Cabinets are an essential office supply, keeping items accessible but out of the way for day-to-day operations. Filing carts are another great option for when you need your storage to be more mobile. Don’t forget the kitchen, tidy up the office snacks with specialized sorters.

Organize Your Files

Sundance has a multitude of office supplies to help you declutter your files! You probably don’t need to keep every scrap of paper, but you’ll want to know everything you DO keep is safe and secure. Label your folders to make them easy to identify later and store them in Bankers Boxes. Strong and sturdy, these are a Sundance favorite for stacking files away in storage.

To make less of a paper mess, try condensing your notes onto marker boards. Use large calendar style boards to track your schedule or try smaller desk boards for note taking.

Label, Label, Label

Use smart labeling to make sure your organization system stays in place. There are MANY office supplies dedicated to labeling for a reason! Labels allow you and your staff to quickly identify what items are, as well as where to sort new items into your storage. Label makers are a guaranteed way to keep your labeling consistent and legible. Have no fear of the warehouse manager who scrawls like a doctor. Whether you print them, stick them, or write them – label them!

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