Sundance Cares: Bringing the WOW to Meals on Wheels!

Throughout the year, we like to donate time, money, supplies and services to local organizations and non-profits. This past fall, we partnered with Meals on Wheels to donate a percentage of our profits from September 26th. This benefited both Meals on Wheels: Tulsa and Meals on Wheels: OKC.

About Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a community care organization that focuses on people who need care the most: the isolated. For many senior citizens, going to a grocery store or preparing a meal is simply not an option. Whether due to lack of mobility or lack of funds, a basic human need may be going unfulfilled. Meals on Wheels operates in nearly every community around the country, ensuring healthy, delicious meals are available and delivered right to the door of a senior citizen who needs them.

The Personal Connection

Not only does this service provide them with food, but also human contact and a wellness check. As this community ages, they don’t always have continued interaction with many people. Where many adults run into others at work, in stores, at events, etc., oftentimes senior citizens are unable to engage in that social sphere. This is again due to mobility, lack of funds, health concerns, and more.

Sundance Cares for the Community

At Sundance, we know that the most important person is you: our community. We pledge to do everything we can to ensure your safety, growth, and happiness throughout the year. That’s why we give back so much to the community. Because without you, there wouldn’t be us.

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