Safeguard Your Data From Fire – Phoenix Safe International

Established in 1799, Phoenix Safe International has over two centuries of experience delivering cutting-edge security solutions. At Sundance Office, we are ecstatic to provide their top of the line fireproof safes and security cabinets to our clients. Keep your files and digital backups secure with Phoenix Safe products. It’s time to rest easy knowing that your documents are protected from fire and water.

Prioritize Lives During a Fire, Not Files

Nearly half of businesses affected by fire never reopen. Phoenix fire files help insure your irreplaceable records stay safe. Explosion tested, Fire Safes withstand temperatures up to 1700*F. Each drawer is individually insulated, keeping closed drawers secure even if one is left open.

Don’t Sweat the Water

Your cabinets will also protect your files from the water used to extinguish fires. Labyrinth sealing systems combine with extra insulation to add barriers to keep moisture out. Keep your paper documents dry and shield your electronic storage from water damage. Flash drives, CDs, DVDs, and USBs need to be stored in a moisture free environment, making Phoenix World Class filing cabinets a great choice.

Authorized Personnel Only

Phoenix safes let you enjoy unrivaled safety and security in any location. Whether you’re guarding money, records, electronics, or data, Phoenix has the safe for you. Their Cashier Deposit Safes feature solid steel double0door construction to keep thieves out. Many models feature easily programmable digital electronic locks with a fingerprint option.

Phoenix Safe International files are as stylish on the outside as they are sturdy on the inside. Available in lateral or vertical sizes, their modern design assures a perfect fit for your home or office. You can’t predict fire, but you can plan for it. With phoenix fire files, you’re guaranteed to preserve your past and future.

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