What Is Forward-Thinking Office Furniture?

Forward-Thinking Office Furniture: Sundance Office

Forward-thinking office furniture looks past what we’ve always used and towards what we will use in years to come. It sets us up for success by decreasing cost, increasing quality, and improving overall usability. By focusing on antimicrobial fabrics, modular products, flexible solutions and touchdown spaces, forward-thinking office furniture is the new frontier in workplace furniture solutions.

Antimicrobial Fabrics

Office chair from Sundance Office

Antimicrobial fabrics have become the norm and for great reason. Not only is the fabric durable but it creates a defensive barrier between your furniture and bacteria, mildew, mold, viruses and odors. These furniture pieces not only need fewer washes, but don’t suffer from the normal wear and tear of other fabrics due to the coatings designed to stop microbes from attaching themselves to your products in the first place.

Modular Furniture

Office furniture in an open space

By using modular, adjustable furniture, you are able to create off-shoot spaces within the workplace. This can not only help with collaboration, but also storage, flexibility, and mobility. You can tailor your furniture to the needs and aesthetics of your brand and business. With modular furniture, you have full creative control over how things look and where they go in the office. Even better, you can move it around! If you need to redesign or move, you can use the same modular pieces to adjust to new designs or spaces.

Flexible Furniture Solutions

Office furniture with portability offers many options

Say you have a meeting in your office and have run out of available seating. But you have a rolling file cabinet where you have storage for files, pens, workplace necessities, and more. This cabinet happens to have a cushioned top and has now turned into additional seating, allowing for both comfort and convenience.

Touchdown Spaces

Touchdown Spaces are gaining in popularity
Creating spaces within your workplace that are non-traditional will encourage everyone to work where they work best. Optimal work environments create optimal work output. Having flexible workstations available to your team means that they will spend their time wisely and well, raising the bar on their productivity levels. Touchdown spaces also encourage collaboration and teamwork.

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