5 Reasons to Update Your Dispensers

5 Reasons to Update Your Dispensers

Upgrading your facility with new soap and paper towel dispensers can prove to be very beneficial to your business. We have five reasons why this is the case!

1. Hygiene   

Now is the time to protect your workplace and improve hygiene, and paper towels are the most hygienic way to dry hands. Need proof? Check out these scientific studies on hygiene and hand drying methods. (See study here). Did you know? One in four public refillable bulk soap dispensers are contaminated with unsafe levels of bacteria. Scott skin care dispensers use replacement cartridges for superior hygiene and easy refilling without the mess of bulk soap dispensers. 

2. Cost and Efficiency  

Scott Dispensers are essentially free. At only a penny each and with Sundance offering free installation, there is no up-front labor cost for your business. Scott hard roll towels offer the easiest roll towel to change out on the market, lowering employee time to change rolls out. Scott also offers larger than industry standard towel rolls, up to 1,150 feet of towel, meaning fewer employee trips to replace the towel rolls. Scott skin care replacement cartridges are fast and easy to change out saving time and hassle vs. bulk pour dispensers and offers significant savings vs. freestanding pump bottles. 

3. Reduced Waste  

Whether in a dispenser, tray, or sitting on the counter, multi-fold towels are inefficient and too often visitors grab more towels than are needed. Bunching in dispensers will often result in handfuls of wasted paper towels. Scott hard roll towel dispensers offer three sheet lengths and dispenses just the right amount of towel needed for your restroom visitors to take 1-2 towels, thus lowering waste. In addition, Scott soap cartridges are recyclable after the pump is removed. 


4. Environmentally Sustainable  

Scott towels are certified by the Forest Sustainability Council and are an ECOLOGO certified product for reduced environmental impact. Scott Essential Green Certified Skin Cleansing Soap (earth friendly hand soap) is both Green Seal and NFS certified. 

5. Flexibility and Quality  

Scott offers dispensers in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors to fit where you need them. Refills come in various sizes from 580ft to 1,150ft, allowing customization for each facility. New Scott hard roll paper towels offer fast-drying Absorbency Pockets to provide efficient, reliable hand-drying for your washroom or break room that was preferred 4 to 1 based upon a 2019 KCP Brand Differentiation Study.

Check Out the New ICON Line from Kimberly-Clark Professional 

ICON Dispensers

The Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ dispenser collection brings together intuitive design and clever engineering. Paper Towel, Skin Care and Bathroom Tissue Dispensers. 

  • Interchangeable Faceplates
    Customize with your artwork or logo (or even your face)! 
  • 99.99% Jam-free operation
    Ensure paper towels are ready when needed. 
  • Flexible Mounting & Servicing Options
    We know everyone has different needs, and this product can cover them all. 
  • Quiter Dispensing & Long-Lasting Battery
    150,000+ dispenses on a single set of batteries in the ICON™ hand towel dispenser.

Additional Options to Match Your Space, Style & Preference 

Paper Towels

White or Black Dispensers in Touch-Free or Manual Dispensing. 

Skin Care Dispensers 

Scott Skin Care Dispensers work with refill options for soap and sanitizer including liquid, Foam, Antimicrobial, Green Certified, and Moisturizing products. 

Bathroom Tissue Dispensers 

Scott dispensers are compatible with easy to change high-capacity bathroom tissues with nearly invisible paper cores for better roll utilization that offer 10% more sheets per case than the industry standard. 

Schedule a FREE site assessment and learn how we can update your facilities for only a penny per dispenser!

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