Office Breakroom Innovations

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The breakroom is an important part to today’s offices and company culture. Breakrooms need to act as a relaxing retreat for both your employees and your visitors. Gone are the days when the breakroom is just a table, chairs and microwave. Here are some breakroom innovations that can really step up your company’s offerings for those working in the office.

Layout and Design

The layout of your office breakroom needs to be inviting and appealing to everyone. Your space should reflect the need for some employees to have their own personal space and others may want a space for community and connection. Modular furniture allows for reconfiguration depending on the needs of those utilizing the space.
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HON Accommodate Arrangement

Don’t forget an outdoor space! Outdoor spaces can make people feel more energetic according to studies published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Lead author of the studies, Professor Richard Ryan said, “Often when we feel depleted, we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature.”

Lorell has a fantastic outdoor teak collection that we are currently loving!

Lorell Charcoal Outdoor Table

Looking to refurnish or spruce up your breakroom furniture? Sundance specializes in furniture design!

Contact Us Today and let our furniture specialists guide the way to a WOW breakroom experience.

Coffee and Equipment

No breakroom is complete without coffee. And these days, it seems like everyone has a different favorite flavor! Let Sundance provide you with all the coffee supplies and coffee service you need.

Did you know you can get a free Keurig Brewer from us and join our K-Cup Rewards Program?

Did you know you can get a free Keurig Brewer from us and join our K-Cup Rewards Program?

Does your office prefer regular drip coffee? We offer Free Bunn Brewing Equipment to our customers.

Keurig Free Brewer Promotion
New England Coffee Service Flyer

Snacks Galore

The best way to WOW your employees’ hearts is through their stomachs. Seriously. Let Sundance provide your office with all the snacks you need! This includes both fresh and frozen foods as well as the sweet treats you sometimes crave.

Food Service Disposables

You can’t have the coffee or eat the food without cups, plates, and napkins! Ensure your breakroom is stocked with all the disposable essentials. Easy clean-up for everyone and no dishwasher required (because we know if employees must hand wash dishes, they will likely pile up in the sink).

Disposable Breakroom Items

Additional Breakroom Needs

Spills happen. Germs happen. Make sure that your breakroom is set up for success. A dirty breakroom is one that employees will not want to utilize. From dispensers to disinfectants, we have all the cleaning supplies you need to ensure a WOW breakroom!

More Info on our Janitorial Supplies.
Ready to Innovate your Breakroom? Our specialists can provide a FREE site assessment to ensure you maximize this in-person employee benefit.

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