How Office Awards Can Improve Employee Engagement

Positive reinforcement is “the act of rewarding a positive behavior in order to encourage it to happen again.” When we reward positivity, we’re increasing the likeliness of that behavior being repeated over and over until it becomes habit. Receiving recognition releases dopamine into the brain, improving both memory and motivation. This is not only important but can be necessary for success and retention in the workplace.

So, how can Office Awards improve employee engagement and morale?

Recognition Matters

Being recognized for your work, whether by promotions, raises, or awards, feels good. It makes you feel like a valued member of the team. When you feel valued, you’re more likely to work harder for the greater good of the office. Being recognized allows us to shine, basking in the light of our hard work. An Office Award is a way to spotlight employees among their peers and allowing them to receive recognition not just from management, but from the entire cohort.

Ideas for Awards

We’ve got some ideas for awards for your office. Some tried and true, some fun, some a mix of both!

The Employee of the Month/Quarter/Year Award

This is a tried-and-true award. For the person who has gone above and beyond in all aspects. This can be for the month, quarter, year, etc., whichever metric you prefer.

The MacGyver

This is for the person who is always finding interesting ways to fix things or make things work, whether technological, incidental, or fundamental.

The “WOW” Award

Bring a little fun into your Office Awards. The fashionista of the office deserves recognition, too!

The Rookie of the Year Award

It’s tough to stand out as a new kid. If you’ve got someone on staff that is new and doing an incredible job, support and spotlight them!

The Leadership Award

Everyone knows that one person who is always there for reliable advice and leadership. Show your gratitude with recognition and respect.

The Customer Savvy Savant Award

It’s not always easy being the customer liaison. Show your appreciation with a small token of admiration.

The Early Bird Award

This is for that one person who is already in the office when you get there, even if you arrive thirty minutes early.

The Ghostlight Award

Borrowing a term from the theatrical world, this award can go to the person who is seemingly always working, even in the middle of the night!
Want to put more WOW into your Office Awards?

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