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High Touch Surfaces: What Are They and How Do You Clean Them

As we enter the season of sneezes, we need to ensure safety for all who walk through our doors. In general, there are four main ways of classifying surfaces in

Sundance Cares: Bringing the WOW to Meals on Wheels!

Throughout the year, we like to donate time, money, supplies and services to local organizations and non-profits. This past fall, we partnered with Meals on Wheels to donate a percentage

The Local Advantage: Bring the WOW Back to Your Community

Shopping local not only supports your community, but it also helps keep your community thriving and ensures you’re getting the highest-quality products at the best costs available. Shopping locally also

The Dog Ate My School Supplies

School has been back in session for some time now. In that time, you might have missed a few items from our school supplies checklist or have run through your

How to Boost Employee Morale and Productivity

Employee productivity, employee morale, and company culture go hand-in-hand — if your employees are productive and happy, they’re more likely to remain with your company and do their jobs to
KIPP Tulsa and OKC and Student

Sundance Cares: KIPP Tulsa and KIPP OKC

Sundance is proud to announce that we have joined with our partner Essendant to take part in the 2022 Backpack Program. Our recipients this year are KIPP Tulsa and KIPP
Forward-Thinking Office Furniture: Sundance Office

What Is Forward-Thinking Office Furniture?

Forward-thinking office furniture looks past what we’ve always used and towards what we will use in years to come. It sets us up for success by decreasing cost, increasing quality,
Back to School Before You Know It: Get What You Need

Back to School Before You Know It

Every year, we think summer lasts a little longer than it truly does. Be ready for the start of the school year with all the supplies you’ll need for a
Sundance Cares: Restore OKC

Sundance Cares: Giving WOW to Restore OKC

Earlier this year, Sundance Cares donated a percentage of all orders to Restore OKC, a nearby non-profit organization that supports Northeast Oklahoma City neighborhoods. About Restore OKC Restore OKC is
Person writing on whiteboard.

Whiteboards, Glassboards, Dry Erase Boards: What’s the Difference? 

Whiteboards – also referred to as Dry Erase Boards, Markerboards, Glassboards, etc. – have become one of the easiest ways to teach, brainstorm, schedule and assign tasks, track calendars, visualize

The Psychology of Smell

As employees come back to the office, consumers are shopping more, and restaurants are getting busier, it’s important to think about your olfactory branding. What is your scent? From bathroom
Which Trash Can Liner Is Best For You?

The Best Bag for Your Trash

Do you find yourself wondering why your garbage bag always leaks or tears? Are you double bagging your trash because you’re unsure which bag you should be using? It all
Team Enjoying A Coffee Break
Office Space

Office Breakroom Innovations

The breakroom is an important part to today’s offices and company culture. Breakrooms need to act as a relaxing retreat for both your employees and

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Janitorial & Facilities

What Kind of Mask is Best for Covid?

  UMass Memorial Health Dr. Michael Hirsh said, “Cloth masks and … bandanas and homemade bandanas around their face are not effective against omicron. That

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Storage Box Presale: Order before December for Savings!
Office Products

Storage Box Pre-Order Sale

Start planning for the end of the year and save. Make moving or storing all your end-of-year documents simple and safe with Fellowes. Get your

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Promotion & Print

Print Ready Artwork – Vector Files

Preparing print ready artwork to be used on printed materials and promotional products can be confusing.  We can help you get your files ready for print, convert

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